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About Mini-Flex Corporation

Mini-Flex Corporation is a family owned and operated business that specializes in custom design and manufacturing of metal bellows, metal bellows assemblies and complete metal bellows systems. Since it’s inception in 1961, Mini-Flex has been a leader in the metal bellows manufacturing industry and was the first manufacturer to carry a full line of off-the-shelf metal bellows. Throughout the years, Mini-Flex has evolved with technological innovations and advances, and has recently developed new forming techniques that have the potential to manufacture the smallest hydro-formed metal bellows in the world.

Mini-Flex serves a diverse customer base with over 600 active customers, and has manufactured metal bellows and metal bellows assemblies that are used in a broad range of applications. Although we specialize in custom metal bellows design, we continue to maintain a large inventory of stock metal bellows available for fast delivery.

Company History

Mini-Flex’s founder, Poul Jorgensen, designed and built the company’s first bellows machine in 1959 after discovering a demand for miniature bellows in the bellows industry. In 1961, Mini-Flex was incorporated and companies like Aero Flex, General Atomics, Hughes Aircraft, Litton Industries, Special Devices, Westinghouse and Vacco were amongst their first customers.

In 1973 Poul’s son, Paul joined the family business. Paul worked his way up in the family business and in 1991, was promoted to Vice President of Mini-Flex. Poul retired in 2000 and his son Paul took the helm, carrying on his father’s legacy. After a long, fulfilling life and a successful career, Mini-Flex’s founder Poul Jorgensen, passed away in September 2014. Since his passing, Paul has continued to operate the family business as the President of Mini-Flex. Paul’s son, Keith Jorgensen, followed in his father’s footsteps, and also joined the family business as a young man. After years of learning the family business, Keith earned a promotion to Vice President in 2018. Together as a family and with the help of Mini-Flex’s talented team of engineers and associates, Poul, Paul and Keith have led Mini-Flex to become a top manufacturer in the metal bellows industry.

As a family business, Mini-Flex takes pride in their work, and quality and precision are their top priorities. Contact Mini-Flex today for all of your metal bellows needs.

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