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Bellows Assemblies

Mini-Flex offers complete metal bellows assemblies and solutions for existing specifications and custom designs. From general cost effective industrial applications to intricate high pressure valves used in manned space flight, our metal bellows assemblies are manufactured with the highest quality materials, tested to ensure superior construction, and adhere with all quality control criterion.

Bellows Assembly Process

Prior to metal bellows assemblies, all bellows requirements should be considered and identified, preferably by submitting our custom designed bellows specification form. The next step includes submitting an assembly layout design with the preferred assembly method. This can be a simple CAD or hand sketched drawing. Once the assembly design is received, Mini-Flex will evaluate all details of the design, and if appropriate, will respond with recommendations including drawing markups, design guidance and other pertinent assistance.

We will control all manufacturing and processing using Mini-Flex and customer approved sources to assure all drawing and design requirements are achieved.

Bellows Assembly Considerations and Options

  • Bellows hardness options include cold worked as formed (standard), age hardened (if applicable) or annealed.
  • All end fittings are custom made from raw material or by modifying standard pipe, HIP, Parker, Swagelok, or other pressure fittings.
  • Standard pre-assembly cleanliness includes solvent degreasing, followed by a final lab grade acetone flush. Optional enhanced cleanliness to level 100 prior to assembly and glove bag assembly in a controlled atmosphere are available on request.
  • Assembly methods include laser weld, electron beam weld, TIG weld, induction braze, oven braze, epoxy and soft solder.
  • Pre and post assembly processes may include passivation, electro-polishing, and plating. Special cleaning and/or additional options are available upon request.

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