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Electropolish Process

Mini-Flex has created internal specifications to control the electropolish process. We offer electropolishing for formed metal bellows, bellows tubing (pre-form) and machined parts.

Benefits of electropolished bellows include:

  • corrosion resistance
  • metal removal
  • polishing
  • deburring
  • surface preparation
  • replace passivation

Electropolishing formed metal bellows:
A maximum metal removal of 0.0001 inch per surface of a formed metal bellows is recommended. Removal greater than 0.0001 inch per surface is subject to test, and may decrease cycle life. Electropolish of tubing prior to forming a bellows will yield optimal results and allow greater metal removal if desired to aid in surface preparation or to decrease the wall thickness, achieving a lower spring rate without the cost of a raw material purchase.

Please note that metal removal will impact the following functions of a formed bellows: decreased spring rate, internal and external burst, proof and squirm pressures.

Electropolishing bellows tubing:
Electropolish of bellows tubing prior to form, a removal of 0.0001 to 0.0002 inch is common, and any removal greater than 0.0002 inch is subject to test. Please note metal removal must be uniform throughout the entire random length.

Electropolishing machined parts:
Dimensional consideration must be made when electropolishing machined parts. Mini-Flex will incorporate internal specifications as required by drawing and to maintain dimension and tolerance limits.

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