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Heat Treatment Process

Mini-Flex offers heat treating processes to alter the physical properties of a material. Mini-Flex has created internal specifications to control the bellows heat treatment process. Heat treatment is offered for formed metal bellows, bellows tubing, and machined parts.

Heat treatment of formed metal bellows:
Annealing will remove cold work affect that results from the forming process allowing a metal bellows to move and remain in position. Anneal of a bellows will effect the following functions; decrease pressure ratings, max stroke, spring rate.

Age or precipitation hardening of metal bellows will yield in higher tensile strengths, increasing internal and external pressure ratings, spring rates and maximum deflection. Common materials precipitation hardened are Inconel 718, Inconel x-750, beryllium copper, Ni-Span and other specialty alloy’s

Heat treatment of bellows tubing:
Annealing of tubing may lead to improved formability. Care must be taken to avoid exceeding recommended temperatures. Thin wall tubing and bellows anneal at lower temperature and faster than thicker materials.
Age or precipitation hardened bellows tubing cannot be formed.

Heat treatment of machined parts:
Mini-Flex offers heat treatment processes services for machined parts, as required by customer.

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