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Stock Metal Bellows

In 1961, Mini-Flex created a first in the metal bellows industry; they started carrying a full line of “off the shelf” stock metal bellows, providing an instant solution to the custom ordering process. Today Mini-Flex offers a wide range of stock metal bellows, with over 200 unique bellows and 1000s of overruns available for immediate delivery. Check our Stock Bellows Data List for our latest inventory updates.

Stock Metal Bellows Size Ranges

  • Inside Diameter (ID):  0.080 to 1.000
  • Outside Diameter (OD): 0.140 to 1.700
  • Convolution Length: 0.015 to 3.000
  • Wall Thickness: 0.0025 to .016

Note: the above dimensions above are measured in inches and vary by application and diameter

Stock Metal Bellows Materials

Seamless tubing is used to form the majority of bellows manufactured by Mini-Flex, resulting in the highest quality product available. Typical stock metal bellows materials include but are not limited to the following.

  • Stainless Steel type 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 321, 347
  • Inconel Alloys type 600, 625, 718, x-750
  • Nickel 200
  • Beryllium Copper C17200, Phosphor Bronze C52100, Brass 70-30

Stock Bellows Selection Process

  1. Use our Stock Bellows Data List “stainless steel” selection as a guideline to our size range capabilities.
  2. Reference our Metal Bellows Design Guide for column heading details and related information.

Get Started!

Select a bellows from the Stock Bellows Data List or complete the Bellows Specification Form. For assistance contact us at (805) 644-1474.