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Mini-Flex Launches New Website

Mini-Flex Launches New Website

Just in time for summer orders, leading bellows manufacturer, Mini-Flex Corporation, is excited to announce the launch of their newly redesigned website, www.mini-flex.com.

Since 1962, Mini-Flex Corporation has provided the aerospace, automotive, medical and many other industries with custom metal bellows, stock metal bellows, and bellows assemblies. Having been in business for over 50 years, Mini-Flex has become an established company with a solid reputation. And unfortunately their website no longer reflected their level of professionalism, so they decided it was time bring their website up-to-date.

“Launching the new website was a main priority for us in 2016,” explained Paul Jorgensen, President of Mini-Flex Corporation. “We needed a site that showcased our products, expertise, and quality of work, while creating an easy and positive experience for our customers.”

In addition to an updated look and a responsive mobile-friendly design, the new website includes many other features, such as a Metal Bellows Design Guide and an updated Stock Bellows Data List. The site also includes a variety of helpful resources for users. The company blog will highlight the latest news, updates and features from Mini-Flex, and their Services Pages provide detailed information about everything from welding and machining to tubing and processing. Lastly, their new digital Bellows Specification Form makes custom ordering and quote requests a breeze for customers.

Mini-Flex’s new website is a great balance between a modern, engaging design and a professional look that captures their experience and professionalism. Visit the site and experience to new look today: www.mini-flex.com.



Stock Bellows Data List

Updated Stock Bellows Data List (effective April 18, 2016) is now available for download. New materials and 100’s of new bellows additions.

Design Guide

Updated Bellows Design Guide (effective April 6, 2016) is now available for download. New formulas and information available.

Mini-Flex is expanding

Mini-Flex is expanding to meet the increasing demands for precision machined parts and bellows assemblies. In the near future, Mini-Flex will offer in-house production machining using state of the art equipment, providing our customers high quality, precision machined parts at a competitive price with rapid turnaround times. This is expected to reduce lead times by 4 to 6 weeks on bellows assemblies.

Get Started!

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